Customers Around the Shop: Nancy Pearl

A FIRST FOR EYES ON FREMONT. This marks the first time we have ever had someone, who has their own action figure, wear our glasses. Super famous librarian Nancy Pearl, whose action figure is seen here, picked out these lovely modern red creations from the Netherlands. We would also say if you haven’ yet taken a peek at yet you should do so now…

Customers Around the Shop: Nicole

Nicole picked up her new frames yesterday and we realized after we got to talking that she’s part of an awesome gang of awesome glasses wearers. She knows more than a few people who’ve been featured on our blog too! (See: Orlando, Victor & Brennan). Like attracts like and apparently she’s met more than a few people by giving/receiving compliments on glasses. This is her second pair at Eyes on Fremont and we can’t wait to see what her next pair will be!