Customers Around the Shop (Theiss Family Part deux)

I spy lil Sayer in the back drop fiddling with his frames

This past week, Kristin of klt:works acquired her new plastic square-rim look… we are pleased to see how they frame her baby blues and are proud to fashion this creative family with very cool glasses. Thanks for the inspiration!

Fight Evil

What we’re into…….

Back in May of ’09 we posted about Optical Icons. Two of the icons we thought of were Malcolm X, and Michael Douglas (from Falling Down). What do the two have in common? Combination Frames!We really like what has been going on lately with trends in the Combination Styles. There are of course still the classic styles that reminisce of Malcolm X, but there is so much more now. New more modern shapes, coupled with great new color ways. There’s such a broad spectrum within the combination frame heading now, and we’re into it!