Customers around the shop: Jeffrey Miller

Mr. Miller is the Managing Principal at Interior Architects here in Seattle. He spends quite a bit of time creating some very appealing dwellings…so it was about time his glasses were on the same level. Great sizing, Great coloring, and Great shape! All the makings of a nice little update.

Customers Around the Shop: Aaron

Aaron came to us looking for new frames and we definitely found a pair that fit his personality. They might look serious from a distance, but once you get up close you see all of the fun. Aaron works for icanhascheezeburger a local website/phenomenon that is one of our all time favorites. If you are feeling down and need to smile, its a site guaranteed to make you laugh. We found out that he also has a pretty amazing project on the side as well called The Grapes of Rad. We loved meeting you Aaron! Now you can has glasses from Eyes on Fremont!