You need ROGER-vision

One of our favorite people in the whole wide world resides in Holland and goes by the name of ROGER.  He just so happens to be a wildly innovative frame designer whose collection, Roger Eye Design, is one of our premier collections at Eyes on Fremont…
Tally & Rebecca R.
Morris & Marzel

Miles & Lara

And on that note, HIS NEWEST SPRING MODELS HAVE ARRIVED!  Come in and check out what the “mad scientist” of frame design has produced this time around… Prepare to impress & DARE TO RE-INVENT YOURSELF! 

New Frames!!!

Apologies in advance. There have been quite a few frame arrivals, from the New York show this year, that had not been posted here. So here’s a selection of new arrivals over the past few weeks that you may find interesting.

Lively colorings in some great plastic shapes:A more detailed shot:Cool new metals:New modern looking plastics (we love this tomato red!):