New Year…New Idea

It’s a New Year, and this our first post, so we thought you would be interested in this new idea. Mayann is wearing a “One Day Frame,” it is actually made out of cardboard. You can wear the frames for more than just one day, it’s more just as long as they last. What happens is that you get one set of lenses, and one set of five frames (pictured below,) and you where them until they run out. Just something kind of new and cool we thought you guys might like.

Customers Around the Shop: Adam

This is Adam in his new specs. He came in with some very lack luster frames that he got elsewhere. We took his existing lenses and shaved them down to fit into this hip new stainless steel number. He was excited he could still use his old lenses and we were excited that he was able to have an affordable style upgrade. Win win situation!

Customers Around the Shop: Aaron

Aaron came to us looking for new frames and we definitely found a pair that fit his personality. They might look serious from a distance, but once you get up close you see all of the fun. Aaron works for icanhascheezeburger a local website/phenomenon that is one of our all time favorites. If you are feeling down and need to smile, its a site guaranteed to make you laugh. We found out that he also has a pretty amazing project on the side as well called The Grapes of Rad. We loved meeting you Aaron! Now you can has glasses from Eyes on Fremont!