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High-Quality Eyeglasses in Seattle & Bellingham

We believe that your glasses should do more than just help you see clearly — they should reflect your personality and spirit, as well. At Eyes on Fremont, we’ve made it our mission to find glasses to resonate with your own sensibilities of style while being well suited to your prescription needs.

About Eyes on Fremont

When you walk into your typical eyewear shop, you’re likely to see a number of glasses brands, but what you won’t see is that many of those frames are all made and distributed by the same few, giant manufacturers.

We believe that your glasses provider should be as transparent as the lenses in your frames. We were tired of seeing the same corporations dominating the glasses industry, with everyone looking (and acting) the same. These dominant eyewear entities were eliminating the consumer’s choices without them even knowing it, so we decided to do things a little differently.

When you come to Eyes on Fremont, you’ll be supporting small, independent frame designers from all over the world who put their heart and soul into their passion for the craft. We feel that this represents a vote for diversity in eyewear choices.

Why be limited? Support new, support innovative, support variety. FIGHT EVIL.

Designer glasses selection at eyes on fremont in seattle wa

Our Approach to Glasses in Seattle & Bellingham

If you’re looking for standard, run-of-the-mill glasses, you’ve come to the wrong place.

At Eyes on Fremont, we proudly stock over 4,000 frames, and by hand-selecting each and every one of them from independent suppliers across the globe, we’re able to ensure that our collection caters to every fit, taste, and prescription need.

Helping you find the perfect frames is only the beginning. Our commitment to providing you with the perfect pair of glasses means handcrafting your lenses. Our experienced opticians thoughtfully construct every pair of glasses to seamlessly combine each unique prescription and frame.

Eyeglasses in Seattle & Bellingham

We’ll Help You Find Your Frames

Do you already know the style of glasses you’re looking for, what the latest trends are, or which frames would work best with your face shape?

If not, don’t worry — we don’t need you to know the answers to all of these questions. We don’t expect you to be an expert on glasses: that’s our job! Each member of our team of Seattle opticians specializes in a certain style of glasses, but we’re all passionate about uniting you with frames that scream you.

Whether you’re looking for that stylish pair of cat-eye frames, want to try out the latest fashion trends, or aren’t quite sure which glasses would suit you best, rest assured that our experienced opticians will pair you with the perfect pair of glasses.

About Our
Optical Space

Since 1996, we’ve proudly provided people with the high-quality, unique, and independent eyewear they deserve. We recognize how fortunate we are to work where our clientele so highly values individuality, diversity, and self-expression. We share these values with our neighbors – and it’s evident from the first moment you step into our downtown Seattle or Bellingham retail spaces.

Our walls are plastered from top to bottom with polaroid pictures of our Eyes on Fremont customers enjoying their new frames, a daily reminder to ourselves of our mission to help everyone find a pair of glasses that makes them smile.

Need a

Want to find your unique glasses at Eyes on Fremont, but don’t have a prescription? No problem! We work hand-in-hand with C Fast Optometry to provide you with comprehensive eye care.

The experienced eye doctors of C Fast, Dr. Christina Fast and Dr. Alex Kwon, work out of their office inside Eyes on Fremont, meaning that you can have your eye prescription and glasses needs addressed together in one convenient location.

Need to refresh your prescription before you start trying on new glasses? Schedule an appointment with C Fast to get started.