Customers around the shop: Tiffany W.

Here is Tiffany again with a vibrant green, square shape that compliments her face shape: the angular edges give really nice definition and an “uplifting” effect!

This is a fun alternative to the awesome black metal style she already owns… check out  Tiffany’s first pair.
Its great to have more than one eyeglasses look… I mean, who of the majority of us has only one pair of shoes? 

In which case, we can help you switch up your look in just one extra pair of glasses 🙂

Customers around the Shop: Laura and her pug Pixie!

Laura’s new amber cat-eyes are a quintessential favorite of ours: style-wise, this feminine look doesn’t lose steam over time, making it a great go-to when you need to invest in a hip style with staying power.

 But besides that,  we think Pixie also approves 🙂

Customers around the Shop: Kate S.

The super-sized, bookish-round tortoise:  Everyone wishes they could pull this off as well as Kate can. WELL, she dared to go there, leaving the rest of us to covet her chic style. With this aesthetic, confidence is key- it’s what makes her new look effortlessly cool. 

Customers around the shop: Shauna T.

Shauna rocks her cranberry red butterfly shape from Parisian designer Filao!

Shauna is one of our marvelous patrons who couldn’t resist getting more than one set of glasses on her visit: DO YOU BLAME HER?!  Despite the fact she is basically a model of perfection for an eyewear ad, these two picks flatter her in such a way that we would consider her in our “Hall of Frame” all-time favorites!
In her crisp crystal blue cat-eye from our newest Italian-made line, Optical Design!