Customers Around the Shop: Kip B.

Here’s one of our regulars in his newest stylin’ frames… totally awesome, don’t ya think? And if you didn’t already know Kip Beelman from his extraordinary talent in the photography world, then you should: 
 Obviously he’s got a great eye!  (or two) Hee hee

Customers around the shop (because we share a love for KBL Eyewear)

Kayla from LA REE stands out in her hip new KBL ‘Manhattan Miss’ specs in San Marino Blue.  That amazing blue-grey color completely highlights her eyes- tastefully accessorized! But of course, when you’re working on the front line of fashion you couldn’t have it any other way. If you happen to be on the Eastside, support local business & say hi to her at La Ree Boutique!

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