Customers around the Shop: Rebecca & Dennis B.

The Boones express their individuality in their newest shades… Dennis went for the sport look, while Rebecca dons the classy, sassy urban style.  After all, isn’t looking good all about being yourself & putting your best face forwardEyes on Fremont thinks so!

Sun Glare Beware- We have the Remedy!

 upping the coolness factor of James R.

The forecast is confirmed: we offically have lots of sun this weekend! If you’re still feeling the strain of being unprepared for long days of bright Seattle sun, we are here for you, 6 days a week with LOTS OF SUNGLASS STOCK…
Whether for prescription or just on the go, we’ve got you covered!

Koolest New kid on the Block- Eryka!

We have a fresh new face in the shop these days… Eryka Schiller joined the hip & funky EOF staff this spring and has a lot of optical dispensing experience to meet your eyeglass needs. If you don’t catch her here at the shop, it may be because she splits her time between EOF and on the road as a representative of the cool retro eyewear collection, Victory (which you can also find here at Eyes on Fremont)!

Other than slinging eyewear for a living, our Detroit native dedicates her passions to creative projects such as sewing & art and has been known to get her groove on to some house music as well. We love having Eryka here & are positive you will too!

Sunwear Solutions for the upcoming season

Yay! Spring officially has landed with last weekend’s stellar sunny weather and soon enough we will rock and roll right into summer…. Having worked at EOF for over 10 years, I can attest to the fact that as soon as the sun emerges from the thick layer of grey that hovers above us, Seattle-ites will be arriving in droves to get quick relief from the brightness & glare.  Whether it be a new set of sunglasses or a clip-on for your current glasses, we can offer some quick solutions!
While we always have an eclectic mix of ready-to-wear sunglasses to choose from, we can outfit almost ANY frame with polarized or tinted lenses to personalize your style preferences:  
Nate and Aimee modeling a few of our current frames…
and the same frames in sunglasses version!
Drop by our shop & feel free to ask one of our opticians which frames can create a hip, functional sunglass from our vast selection of frames.
Alternatively, do you have a “retired” frame that is still in good condition?  We certainly can fit a set of sun lenses into your own frame & SAVE you the frame cost Viola! Instant sunglass solution!
Don’t forget about sun-clips either.  Custom-fitted, polarized clip-ons can be made for your frame in just a few days… our on-site lab offers a faster turnaround than other companies that have to send out the frame and can leave you without your glasses for over 2 weeks- BOO!  (Note that we do need your glasses for the 2 day processing time- yet another reason to have a spare pair on hand!)

Customers Around the Shop: Summer in the City

The sun was shining bright this weekend and it almost felt like summer had truly arrived, good thing we had a rainy Monday morning to keep us grounded. But the sun is coming back if the weather reports are true and that means sunglasses need to come out of hiding. When Brandi picked up her new sunnies from Argentina we just had to take a picture, what a perfect example of how to do sunglasses right! They are bold, fun and functional with a prescription polarized brown lens.