Good intentions: Frames with a Cause

Bill with the recently added “Frames with a Cause” highlight wall

If you’ve been in the shop lately, you may have noticed a conspicuous green section of our frame board named Frames with a Cause….  Here, you will find some of our collections that are based on an eco or socially-conscious campaign:

 141 Eyewear is a Portland, OR based company that gives a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair sold, effectively offering that outreach in communities both in the U.S. & beyond.
View their vimeo here:

  AFrames  is a frame company out of Chicago that partners up with Hellen Keller Foundation to provide health care, vitamin A supplementation, and research for vision loss around the world.
Go Green is a collection of frames made of optical-grade, recycled plastic.  The scrap plastic is sourced from frame factories, thus reducing the overall waste from eyewear production.

Stop by and check them out next time you need some new specs. If you find something you like on the “green” board, consider it a win-win situation: seeing well, looking great, AND supporting a worthy cause!

Have a HAPPY 4TH 2012!

We, at EYES ON FREMONT, wish you all a safe and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!
We will be closed for Independence Day to celebrate the occasion with friends & family but no worries– We will be open regular business hours for the rest of the week (10-6pm weekdays, 10-5pm on Saturday).  So get your BBQ on then come see us for some optical retail therapy!


Elizabeth (aka Gus) in her new A-Frames style ‘Mali’, helped provide a year’s worth of Vitamin A supplementation for an indvidual in need.
One of our newest collections at EOF is an emerging frame line out of Chicago called A-Frames.  We are excited to carry them not only for their awesome retro aesthetic, but for the philosophy behind the company. Founder Wes Stoody created the line with the intention of partnering up with The Helen Keller Foundation, who benefits from 5% of A FRAMES’ total revenue. The long established non-profit organization helps to prevent & reduce low vision, Blindness, and malnutrition in communities where this problem is prevalent. Visit AFRAMES EYEWEAR to get more details on their philanthropic direction. 
Looking good AND seeing well feels that much better if someone else benefits from it, wouldn’t you agree?
 Fight Evil

Solstice Saturday: Enjoy a beanbag toss on us!

Remember, this Saturday is the Fremont Solstice Parade & Fair so come out & enjoy the fun! We will be open regular hours (10-5pm) and, rain or shine, always provide free entertainment via the EOF sidewalk bean toss– a neighborhood favorite!  
A few tips for the day: make sure to get in early for the best street parking as it fills up fast. Oh, and watch out for naked cyclists!