Customers around the shop (because we share a love for KBL Eyewear)

Kayla from LA REE stands out in her hip new KBL ‘Manhattan Miss’ specs in San Marino Blue.  That amazing blue-grey color completely highlights her eyes- tastefully accessorized! But of course, when you’re working on the front line of fashion you couldn’t have it any other way. If you happen to be on the Eastside, support local business & say hi to her at La Ree Boutique!

Fight evil

You need ROGER-vision

One of our favorite people in the whole wide world resides in Holland and goes by the name of ROGER.  He just so happens to be a wildly innovative frame designer whose collection, Roger Eye Design, is one of our premier collections at Eyes on Fremont…
Tally & Rebecca R.
Morris & Marzel

Miles & Lara

And on that note, HIS NEWEST SPRING MODELS HAVE ARRIVED!  Come in and check out what the “mad scientist” of frame design has produced this time around… Prepare to impress & DARE TO RE-INVENT YOURSELF! 

Spring Trend Watch

What’s in style… And in the store NOW! Fresh from the NYC Frame Expo. 

Combo, combo ,combo- whether it’s two-toned brights & patterns or a modern twist on the that classic half-metal half-plastic Browline style that grandpa used to wear, this emerging trend is flooding the Eyes on Fremont frame board with lots of color, texture, and eye-catching detail.  Pop color is in fashion this season and many of our new collections reflect that vibe.  IT’S SPRING-  DARE to wear some color!

From NY

Okay here’s the deal…we’re back from the Spring show in NYC.  The initial report is COLOR, and we found a lot of it.  Some really great jewel tones, as well as some more creative, muted, color combos.  We’ll be receiving some of the frames within a couple weeks, so we’ll keep you posted 🙂  

New Line…

Okay some exciting stuff came to us yesterday, by way of Belgium.  It’s a new line called Louis!  These frames are incredible.  Really vibrant colors are used throughout the line, and they cover their neutral bases too….but what’s really impressive is how great the shapes are.  No foo foo dingle decorations, just really great clean silhouettes.  These are shapes that come from someone who really understands that glasses are worn on the face, they don’t just look cool sitting on a shelf.