Customers around the Shop: Jacqueline

Mama Mia! Does the face make the glasses or does the eyeglass frame make the face? 
It’s a tough question with Jacqueline, who we have a hunch looks this good in every style of glasses imaginable.
Yet, this new Andy Wolf style offers her look a sharp, contemporary aesthetic that is truly enviable… 
We love how polished this complimentary look is!

Customers around the shop: Josh M.

Josh just recently acquired a pretty badass pair of “browline” combo eyeglasses from the shop to go with his badass skills as a tattoo artist at Slave to the Needle in Wallingford.  Its a great fit style AND function-wise; we also feel pretty good about the fact that Josh will be able to see all the fine details of his tattoo work with precision!

He’s a pretty accomplished tattoo artist as we can see on Bill’s sleeves, below: 

If you’re looking to get inked, pay a visit to Josh at Slave to the Needle, Wallingford! 

Fresh in the Shop: THIS ultra cool Italian-made Combo frame

We’re hot on the heels of this metal/acetate combo trend and to prove it, we just brought in this new limited-edition model!  Produced for us by our favorite Italian frame factory, this style comes in 2 sizes and 4 colors to offer ideal versatility to the wearer & gives you plenty opportunity to achieve the highest level of cool.
Obviously great as a clear OR sunglass pair!
The best fashion advice for 2014: be the first one on this hot style & get it before its gone….