Customers around the Shop: Kelly from HA!

Kelly, our neighbor at Ha!, giving her new coveted cat-eye sunglasses a test run in last weekend’s stellar weather.

When you’ve got the coolest sun shades in Fremont and suddenly, its 85 degrees out… 
Kelly shines in this asymmetrical blue/tort sunglass style from Italy, helping maintain the funky vibe  of the neighborhood. 

Fresh Arrivals: The cream of the crop is in Frame Holland

Every time we receive shipment from one of our all-time favorite manufacturerers, Frame Holland, we are profoundly impressed to experience the craftsmanship and the refined, distinctive style that this collection has always been reliable for.   As one of our high-end collections, it’s the irresistible design & quality that makes these models worth the investment:

Fine-tuned variations on those timeless, traditional designs
Thin profile metal and acetate combos make for a sophisticated style

Top quality acetate paired with rich layering and subtle classic detailing, such as true vintage rivets

Customers around the shop: Lin Mara B. & Jean K.

Lin Mara & Jean wearing their new ROGER frames
Here’s another awesome duo wearing stunning glasses!  Lin Mara & Jean have been getting glasses from our shop for years & are the sweetest pair around- that’s why we adore these ladies! Oh, and also because they are walking reminders of why we are the best place to get a cool pair of specs….  It is OUR opinion but, the photo speaks for itself!

Fresh new stock from the Paris Expo- the first collection is in!

Its officially GO time at EOF! The Fall season is the time of the year when anticipation is heightened; we love to see what’s the next big thing in eyewear trends around the world.  On that note, our first shipment has landed.  This year, we’re kicking things off with C-Zone, one of our independent designers from The Netherlands- here’s a little preview of what’s new:

You will have to get in here to see the full collection & peep what else has arrived 🙂