Fresh in the Shop: first looks for Fall-time frame fashion

These new Eyefunc styles arrived the other day and we are enamored of this sharp, modernist take on the classic Browline frame style! This is just the beginning of a crop of new fall eyewear that is on its way into the shop for the last months of 2016! Stay tuned….

Here’s the newest from German eyewear designer CONQUISTADOR… and the man behind it

Fall time is when a steady stream of the freshest models from Silmo Paris Expo arrive, and we have lots on their way! 

One of the 1st vendors to hit the frame wall is a long time EOF staple collection, Conquistador.

Hans Joachim-Marwitz has been the owner/purveyor of Conquistador since 1970 and has a small design /sales team that is mostly made up of family members, including his sons.  After over 4 decades, Hans still comes to the optical trade shows! His friendly, kind demeanor is part of what seals his long time relationships with return clients, like us. 🙂

We love his passion for traveling: it is something that keeps Hans inspired. 
Check out his frame catalogue and website online which are modeled after his traveling photo albums:
Nate caught the man on camera: handsome Hans- owner of Conquistador Eyewear, at this year’s Silmo Optical Expo.
September 2015

 The Conquistador collection maintains a contemporary styling with some fun color accenting & interesting detail, but present an overall fashionably versatile aesthetic.

Zoning in on the New Arrivals from C-Zone!

We have many, many new frames arriving this time of year, and there is a wealth of exciting color, shape, and detail to choose from!  The first collection we want to share is one of our favorite small vendors from The Netherlands, C-Zone.

 Enjoy this inspiring preview of what we have in the store, and what’s to come!

This eye candy from the fall C-Zone collection!
rich contrasts
Lots of dynamic color schemes

Innovative details on Metal include wood-panel & silk insets, Speckle paint, & textured accenting.

Cork inset on the eyewire brow line


“carved” metal with color accenting

“Pollack” style paint detail and later cut-outs on the temples!

Customers around the shop: Shauna T.

Shauna rocks her cranberry red butterfly shape from Parisian designer Filao!

Shauna is one of our marvelous patrons who couldn’t resist getting more than one set of glasses on her visit: DO YOU BLAME HER?!  Despite the fact she is basically a model of perfection for an eyewear ad, these two picks flatter her in such a way that we would consider her in our “Hall of Frame” all-time favorites!
In her crisp crystal blue cat-eye from our newest Italian-made line, Optical Design!

Falling for eyewear fashion–Preview what’s to come with inspiration from Infinit eyewear!

At summer’s turning over, there are a few trade-offs to the waning of those long, sunny days & warm Seattle nights.  We look forward to the crispy days of Autumn where we can pull out our boots & scarves again, cozy up with a good novel & a hot latte, or hit the books & get our study on! 

We’ve got a bunch of collections coming in this fall that would be the perfect accompaniment to your fall/winter wardrobe: chunky cable sweaters, boots, & big wool jackets wouldn’t be complete without some of these smart & stylish looks that just came in from Argentina’s coolest glasses line: Infinit Eyewear!

Infinit has some of the best “combo brow-line” looks around- colored rims amp up the style factor!


Square-rim acetate plastics with dual color and detail set this collection apart from the standard.

Patterns, texture, & shimmery details on some very contemporary cat-eye shapes, perfect for a sassy gal!

We have got much more on the way from Vision Expo West and Silmo Paris Expo this month, so it would be in your best interest to stay tuned if you’re looking for that extra special pair!