ALERT: The Mother of All Petite Frame Collections is in!

We have a good percentage of our customers asking for frame styles for small faces, “close-set” eyes, narrow faces, petites, kid sizes, etc.  Given that, we have a favorite collection that successfully meets that need- Kinto. This collection comes from Belgium only once a year & it is one of the most coveted frame lines in the store!  

See it here now:


Lots of great colors & shapes…

Don’t be fooled about how many you see here- we have sold about 10 frames a day of this collection during high season!

Some models are available in more than one size

Both metal and plastic (acetate) frames in stock.

We can hardly contain our excitement at the arrival of this EOF favorite- if you have been waiting for a solid selection of smaller fit frames, NOW IS THE TIME.  It sells really fast & is limited availability… just saying!

Paris orders are well on their way & arriving daily- stay tuned in the coming months!

As we have stated before, Fall frame buying season is upon us & we stocked up at the Paris show this year! Many awe-inspiring styles are still on their way, so we will do our best to keep you posted on what has arrived in the shop.  We typically stock one style & color per frame to allow for the vast selection we carry- this means, get ’em while they’re hot because once its sold, its gone!  We will help you stay on top of the best selection- just stay tuned here or just stop in! 

Bill LOVES checking in the new inventory!

We now have some one of a kind retro-inspired cat-eye shapes from Poland:
Retro w/rhinestone detail- limited edition

Colorful variations on this cat-eye shape.  Round and rectangle shapes also available.

Fresh new stock from the Paris Expo- the first collection is in!

Its officially GO time at EOF! The Fall season is the time of the year when anticipation is heightened; we love to see what’s the next big thing in eyewear trends around the world.  On that note, our first shipment has landed.  This year, we’re kicking things off with C-Zone, one of our independent designers from The Netherlands- here’s a little preview of what’s new:

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You will have to get in here to see the full collection & peep what else has arrived 🙂

Fall Frames are on the way: A Preview through our Paris Trip Polaroids

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It’s that time of the year again- Fall Eyewear shopping in Paris is a coveted tradition in the history of EOF.  We have hundreds of new styles coming our way in the upcoming months; if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of glasses, this is the time to plan a visit to our shop!
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Stan & Nate repping Seattle as Eyes on Fremont 

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Busy as usual at the ROGER EYE DESIGN booth

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Face to face with some of our European vendors

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Good times: its inspiring to meet the designers/owners of our great collections!