The newest edge from one of our favorite french vendors!

Behold- POP… our exciting new collections from one of our longtime french eyewear companies,  Roussilhe.  The chunky, block-cut acetate offers up a defined edge to the modern plastic frame, while the contrasting outline of bright color adds a sharp, vibrant finish. 

We are in awe of these looks and how well they compliment so many different faces! 
Here are a few teasers: 

These will disappear quickly, so drop by & try one soon! 

Customers around the Shop: Lydia S.

We thrive on people who have a vision of style that doesn’t compete to  conform, that strives to think outside of the box.  
This is one of the reasons we proudly carry the full collection from Roger Eye Designs– our favorite daring eyewear company from Holland.  

And Lydia is one of those very special customers who not only gets it, but successfully illustrates this bold expression of originality…
We invite you to challenge the norm as well!


Start the New Year light & right with 141 Eyewear’s new ULTIM models!

 It’s the end of the year & time to shed the old and bring in the new.  A popular theme for entering the new year is to drop the weight & get lighter… 141 Eyewear has a new collection of Ultim frames that does just that!  Ultim has the bold look of the popular acetate plastic frames but with a sturdy, light-weight feel.  Adjustable silicone nosepads also help alleviate the “heaviness” on the bridge of the nose. 
Also, for every pair of 141 Eyewear frames purchased, a frame is given to a person in need.  Looking good with the added reward of doing good… try em out today!

Fresh arrivals: 2 New Italian-made collections are in & here’s the 1st one!

Just landed yesterday:  LUXOL DESIGN and ESSEQUADRO,  two eyewear collections from small factories in Italy… we are proud to be the 1st optical shop in the USA to be able to carry them!

Here are some highlights from the 1st collection, LUXOL

The acetate designs offer rich color options in matte finishes with layered accent colors:

Luxol also has some interesting colorful metal designs in both thinner eye wire… 

& thicker sheet-cut designs

Stay tuned for Part II: Essequadro preview…!