Fall time is when a steady stream of the freshest models from Silmo Paris Expo arrive, and we have lots on their way! 

One of the 1st vendors to hit the frame wall is a long time EOF staple collection, Conquistador.

Hans Joachim-Marwitz has been the owner/purveyor of Conquistador since 1970 and has a small design /sales team that is mostly made up of family members, including his sons.  After over 4 decades, Hans still comes to the optical trade shows! His friendly, kind demeanor is part of what seals his long time relationships with return clients, like us. 🙂

We love his passion for traveling: it is something that keeps Hans inspired. 
Check out his frame catalogue and website online which are modeled after his traveling photo albums:
Nate caught the man on camera: handsome Hans- owner of Conquistador Eyewear, at this year’s Silmo Optical Expo.
September 2015

 The Conquistador collection maintains a contemporary styling with some fun color accenting & interesting detail, but present an overall fashionably versatile aesthetic.