Eyes on Fremont Family field trip: The New KEXP STUDIOS

The EOF gang behind the coveted vinyl section of KEXP’s comprehensive music library.

For many years, Eyes on Fremont has been a proud supporter and underwriter of Seattle’s independent, listener powered radio station, KEXP. Now in their new, much-expanded studio facility, we were invited to check out what happens behind the airwaves.

  Check out a few highlights from the tour our EOF gang was invited to do with Carol Dupuis and seasoned volunteer, Ken:

An original studio keepsake of sorts: This original Nirvana “Nevermind” album secures fond memories with it’s  entertaining footnotes by the DJs playing it when the album released, way back in the station’s KCMU days. It earned critical acclaim & heavy rotation stats by the these resident DJs before it made international record sales.

DJ Quilty 3000 on the air yesterday, taking a moment to explain the back scene DJ process…  She’s been a resident DJ since 2003 (and a longtime EOF customer)!

Our tour guides and the EOF staff in the new live studio showroom.  Thanks, Carol (third from left)  and Ken (2nd from rt) showing us around the coolest radio station ever! 

To learn more about KEXP,  listen online, find out about studio tours/events, become a member, and receive discounts (we offer a KEXP discount for glasses!) and otherwise get the gist of what “listener powered radio” means, please check out their site at: http://www.kexp.org

Our Soldier’s Angels Winter Donation Program was a smashing Hit!

The EOF crew with Tricia from Soldier’s Angels Organization (far Right). 441 pairs of finished reading glasses were successfully made & delivered by mid-February!

Eyes on Fremont had another great winter business season & wanted to extend thanks to the community by giving back to the local community. So for 2015, our bustling lil shop wanted to support the veterans of our region: We partnered with Soldier’s Angels Foundation to provide much needed reading glasses for it’s recipients.
For each complete eyeglass purchase made December 14th- 31st, we donated a set of reading glasses to Soldier’s Angels… we successfully donated over 440 sets of custom-made reading glasses!  

Shout out to Van Rue & his sales team from local lens lab, Single Vision Express for generously supplying the optical lenses. 

And a special thanks to our lab staff, Elizabeth & Emily for working extra hard to crank out 400 extra pairs of lenses so we could deliver this donation at the beginning of 2016! 
If you’d like are the time to learn more about the vision and services Soldier’s Angels Org. offers, check out their website here: 


Here’s the newest from German eyewear designer CONQUISTADOR… and the man behind it

Fall time is when a steady stream of the freshest models from Silmo Paris Expo arrive, and we have lots on their way! 

One of the 1st vendors to hit the frame wall is a long time EOF staple collection, Conquistador.

Hans Joachim-Marwitz has been the owner/purveyor of Conquistador since 1970 and has a small design /sales team that is mostly made up of family members, including his sons.  After over 4 decades, Hans still comes to the optical trade shows! His friendly, kind demeanor is part of what seals his long time relationships with return clients, like us. 🙂

We love his passion for traveling: it is something that keeps Hans inspired. 
Check out his frame catalogue and website online which are modeled after his traveling photo albums:
Nate caught the man on camera: handsome Hans- owner of Conquistador Eyewear, at this year’s Silmo Optical Expo.
September 2015

 The Conquistador collection maintains a contemporary styling with some fun color accenting & interesting detail, but present an overall fashionably versatile aesthetic.

Getting to know your Favorite EOF Optician: Jennifer!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Jennifer has “graced” the front stage of Eyes on Fremont since 2011, but has been a staple in the Seattle Eyewear scene for over 2 decades! She has a lot of experience under her belt- from working alongside her father who is a long time local optometrist, to owning her own optical business, she’s a local favorite in the game. She has been a licensed optician since ’91… Boom!

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

 Jennifer has a natural born talent that is covetable to the Optical world- a rare gift of sincerely expressing her honest style opinions while weaving in technical optical knowledge. She gets right to the point and is always on point with what style best suits every face… An oracle and inspiration bringer of glasses! On top of that, she is basically the quintessential model for the iconic cat-eye look!

What’s cooking in the life of one of Seattle’s Infamous Opticians:

When Jennifer isn’t in the shop, dazzling & charming every person who walks in the door for a new set of cool eyewear, she is a busy kick-ass mom, wife, & kitchen aficionato! She effectively channels her Julia Child skills to keep her two daughters and husband well fed & happy, while maintaining her forever-young-at-heart enthusiasm for the music scene… a devout fan of the 80’s era alternative rock scene. Yup, she was grunge before you knew grunge was cool! 
Jennifer is always planning the next sunny relaxation trip with the fam and is currently enjoying training her new puppy, Kitten!

Customers around the Shop: Candace C.

A classic tortoise-rim frame speaks volumes without saying too much, has an iconic aesthetic, and is a timeless wardrobe staple. 
Candace found her tailored look- as every person ought to find that ideal combination of color & style detail that best expresses their personality…  
Yes, glasses ARE a very personal extension of one’s overall façade!  

That’s where we come in handy- to assist you in discovering… 
your perfect YOU 😉

Eyes on Fremont