Customers around the shop: Josh M.

Josh just recently acquired a pretty badass pair of “browline” combo eyeglasses from the shop to go with his badass skills as a tattoo artist at Slave to the Needle in Wallingford.  Its a great fit style AND function-wise; we also feel pretty good about the fact that Josh will be able to see all the fine details of his tattoo work with precision!

He’s a pretty accomplished tattoo artist as we can see on Bill’s sleeves, below: 

If you’re looking to get inked, pay a visit to Josh at Slave to the Needle, Wallingford! 

Customers around the shop- Rebecca

Rebecca just picked up her new metal combo frame by Andy Wolfe– SUPER cute!

Check out Theo’s Chocolate Tour in Fremont and make sure to let her know how good she looks in her glasses while indulging in their divine confections!

Eyes on Fremont