Customers around the shop: Tiffany W.

Here is Tiffany again with a vibrant green, square shape that compliments her face shape: the angular edges give really nice definition and an “uplifting” effect!

This is a fun alternative to the awesome black metal style she already owns… check out  Tiffany’s first pair.
Its great to have more than one eyeglasses look… I mean, who of the majority of us has only one pair of shoes? 

In which case, we can help you switch up your look in just one extra pair of glasses 🙂

Customers around the shop: Meet Raelyn C. AND VIF Wine/Coffee

This is not just another sweet face wearing the infamous “C. Fast” model from the Eyes on Fremont collection!  Raelyn is one of our Fremont community friends who works at this wonderful cafe on our block called VIF Wine and Coffee.

VIF is a charming neighborhood cafe that caters to wine, locally roasted coffee, and delicious lighter fare. It’s presence has graced “Upper Fremont” since last summer, just shy of a year now!

Vif Cafe is a short walk north of Eyes on Fremont, across from Market time Grocery, in a bright, inviting corner of Fremont Ave North.

This airy, light-infused space invites you in with delicious made-from-scratch bites & pastry selections, Olympia Roasters Coffee, local teas, and a wall of thoughtfully curated wines.

The warm feel of the Cafe makes this a perfect space to meet up for an easy brunch, an afternoon wine date, or to book the cafe for an intimate party! Owners Shawn Mead and Lauren Feldman are well-seasoned in the food and service industry- they are commited to offering a fresh and tasty menu as well as a friendly, memorable experience.

For more details, make sure to visit their website here:  
Vif’s lovely owners and staff, from L to R: Shawn (owner), Alexandra, Robin, and Lauren (owner).

… and Raelyn, of course!

Fresh in the Shop: Some of the first spring eyewear trends, courtesy of Vision expo East!

This past week, we’ve been busy processing some of the new collections that have arrived from our recent trip to NY.  There’s a lot to come, with a wide variety of aesthetics to choose from.  From chunkier, bolder plastic styles to contemporary metal frame styles that have silk or wood inlay, there’s something to suit & inspire every desire.  We will do our best to post much of that right here, on the Eyes on Fremont blog. 

 BUT, the most advantageous thing to do in order to get first dibbs is stop into the Shop!

Here are some highlights from our first Italian frame shipment: 

Chunkier Plastics & crystal frames in polished or “matte finishes” such as these newbies! 

Primary colors in all different shapes

Stay tuned, there is some really exciting stuff to see in the next few days!