EOF staff on deck: Meet Emily!

If you’ve been in the shop these days you’ve probably noticed how much hustle & bustle happens here (especially on a Saturday!).  Our EOF family in turn, must grow to accommodate that. 

Here is one of a few new faces you will most likely have the pleasure of meeting sometime!   
Emily just finished the 2 year opticianry program at Seattle Central Community College & really knows her stuff.  She has actually been with us since the beginning of this year as the Saturday “greeter”, but has since graduated to full time optician to show off her true skills…  SO, when you are ready to experience your next eyeglass shopping odyssey, let Emily be your guide. 


Elizabeth (aka Gus) in her new A-Frames style ‘Mali’, helped provide a year’s worth of Vitamin A supplementation for an indvidual in need.
One of our newest collections at EOF is an emerging frame line out of Chicago called A-Frames.  We are excited to carry them not only for their awesome retro aesthetic, but for the philosophy behind the company. Founder Wes Stoody created the line with the intention of partnering up with The Helen Keller Foundation, who benefits from 5% of A FRAMES’ total revenue. The long established non-profit organization helps to prevent & reduce low vision, Blindness, and malnutrition in communities where this problem is prevalent. Visit AFRAMES EYEWEAR to get more details on their philanthropic direction. 
Looking good AND seeing well feels that much better if someone else benefits from it, wouldn’t you agree?
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