To kickstart our autumn equinox: 2 new models for the EOF COLLECTION

Summer may officially have ended with the Sept 22 Fall equinox, but we’re looking forward to the fall crop of fresh frame styles that we are currently hand-picking for the shop right now! 

Meet the newest models for the EOF COLLECTION:


Both models are available now in three color options:

Tony’s frame in dark tortoise, crystal yellow, and grey marble

The Jennifer in dark tortoise, aqua tort, and charcoal

Getting to know our EOF staff– C Fast Optometry’s own, Nikki!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Nikki has graced the Dr.s office end of EOF for 5 years now, having started in Fall of 2010. She has been the main assistant for C. Fast Optometry since they began with us!

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

Nikki is the main office assistant & technician for C.Fast Optometry, our shop’s on site independent Optometrist.  She maintains the supportive end of the Dr’s office- from scheduling to billing to pre-testing- and keeps the heart of C.Fast Optometry flowing smoothly!

Nikki’s creature comforts:

Nikki’s charming & light-hearted sense of humor keeps the balance in our busy shop! 
Some things about her that speak to this: 
When she’s not navigating the eye care world, She’s probably nose deep in a book- one of her all time favorites being the Harry Potter series. Her affinity for the collection is basically tied to “growing up” with the characters of the novels as they came out!
And remember the quirky tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000? Well, Nikki is also a big fan- Tom Servo is one of the infamous robot characters she amusedly keeps around…. 
The  avid cat-lover she is, Nikki most likely is sipping her herbal tea of choice from this Garfield mug. Tea is her libation of choice around the office to keep warm & cozy while she does her office tasking. 🙂

Getting to know your Optician: BILL

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Bill is one of our most familiar faces around the shop- he’s been an integral team member since October 2006… just entering his 9th year! He’s a dedicated employee and will surely contribute to the EOF legacy for years to come. 

Bill’s  EOF “Specialty”: 

 He’s fine tuned to a high standard of fashion & will surely let you know what will (or won’t) “make the cut” style-wise! Bill also helps keep up the visual aesthetics of the Shop, checking the frame board and displays every day. Behind the scenes, he manages the instagram images and manages inventory receivables. 

And what’s Bill’s cup of tea (or highball of whiskey):

When he’s not at EOF overseeing the details of the shop, Bill probably is making himself available at the hip-neighborhood watering holes, such as Pony on Capitol Hill- Rainier in one hand and Fireball in the other! Just a way to decompress from the bustle of the business…. 😉
  He’s a man of distinct style and tends toward the edgy and never skimping on accessories- which is how glasses styling is a natural thing for him!  Paris is Burning is his favorite go-to for movies on a mellow night in. 

Moscot Show Tomorrow!!! Come support Lifelong!!!

If you weren’t already in the know about our special event tomorrow, Thursday October 22nd, then Eyes on Fremont would like to formally invite you to our MOSCOT TRUNK SHOW benefiting Lifelong Alliance!
Seize this opportunity to see the full eyewear collection and support a great local charity!

The details on this event are below:

Getting to know your Favorite EOF Optician: Jennifer!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Jennifer has “graced” the front stage of Eyes on Fremont since 2011, but has been a staple in the Seattle Eyewear scene for over 2 decades! She has a lot of experience under her belt- from working alongside her father who is a long time local optometrist, to owning her own optical business, she’s a local favorite in the game. She has been a licensed optician since ’91… Boom!

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

 Jennifer has a natural born talent that is covetable to the Optical world- a rare gift of sincerely expressing her honest style opinions while weaving in technical optical knowledge. She gets right to the point and is always on point with what style best suits every face… An oracle and inspiration bringer of glasses! On top of that, she is basically the quintessential model for the iconic cat-eye look!

What’s cooking in the life of one of Seattle’s Infamous Opticians:

When Jennifer isn’t in the shop, dazzling & charming every person who walks in the door for a new set of cool eyewear, she is a busy kick-ass mom, wife, & kitchen aficionato! She effectively channels her Julia Child skills to keep her two daughters and husband well fed & happy, while maintaining her forever-young-at-heart enthusiasm for the music scene… a devout fan of the 80’s era alternative rock scene. Yup, she was grunge before you knew grunge was cool! 
Jennifer is always planning the next sunny relaxation trip with the fam and is currently enjoying training her new puppy, Kitten!

Getting to know your EOF Optician: David H!

 How Long with Eyes on Fremont: 

David has been leading the EOF team since October 2010! 

His key Position: 

General manager & overseer of daily activities around the Shop, David’s like the head coach of the team.  David’s the man who keeps operations smooth & calls the shots, as needed. The guy who takes one for the team when the going gets tough customer service-wise.  

The highlights & scores of David’s Time off the Clock:

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear yet, our beloved manager is a huge football enthusiast & supporter of our Seattle team, THE SEAHAWKS. So begins a busy season for him- Sunday afternoon trips to Safeco Field or front & center with couch seats in front of the living room flat screen! 

He spends the rest of his quality time with his wife & 3 young sons, going on adventures to amusement parks & playing the ideal domestic homemaker. To decompress, video gaming in the company of the lil tykes happens between work and sports. 🙂