Frame Story…

As we all know vintage eye wear is pretty big right now. Chances are if you have looked at very many vintage frames, you have probably seen little shield pins in the shape of a V. That V stands for Victory Optical. Founded in the 40’s Victory Optical was one of the largest optical manufacturers in the US.

Fast forward to present day…Bill Marfuggi, the Grandson of Vincent Salierno– Founder of Victory Optical, has resurrected the company. The great part about this? You can now get authentic vintage frames, made from the original blueprints of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, but made of fresh new (not 50 year old) materials.

Ranging from really great classic horn rims to cat eyes, that are REALLY cat eyes, to some outstanding sunglasses, there is quite a bit of range in the line. Below our frame guru Bill is wearing his new Victory frames, and looking pretty darn good!

New From Poland

We just got these frames in from the Paris Show. Really cool horn rims in some really cool colors…and some VERY cool cat eyes. Don’t know if the pictures really do the intricate colors justice but we love them none the less.

And if you are looking for something even more unique we also received a very limited number of 100% handcarved masterpieces. Each one takes about eight hours of personal attention from our friend in Poland, Mr. Boydyych. Truly ONE OF A KIND.

Customers Around the Shop: Sarah Jurado

Local photog and all around beautiful lady Sarah Jurado picked up her new Eyes on Fremont frames this week and we just had to share her self portrait. You can see some of her gorgeous/amazing photos on her website, and catch her around town taking part in any number of amazing projects from The New Guard to Night School. She also manages her husband Damiens career (his new album is coming out May 25th and well worth checking out) and the two of them will be touring this summer.