Yay! Spring officially has landed with last weekend’s stellar sunny weather and soon enough we will rock and roll right into summer…. Having worked at EOF for over 10 years, I can attest to the fact that as soon as the sun emerges from the thick layer of grey that hovers above us, Seattle-ites will be arriving in droves to get quick relief from the brightness & glare.  Whether it be a new set of sunglasses or a clip-on for your current glasses, we can offer some quick solutions!
While we always have an eclectic mix of ready-to-wear sunglasses to choose from, we can outfit almost ANY frame with polarized or tinted lenses to personalize your style preferences:  
Nate and Aimee modeling a few of our current frames…
and the same frames in sunglasses version!
Drop by our shop & feel free to ask one of our opticians which frames can create a hip, functional sunglass from our vast selection of frames.
Alternatively, do you have a “retired” frame that is still in good condition?  We certainly can fit a set of sun lenses into your own frame & SAVE you the frame cost Viola! Instant sunglass solution!
Don’t forget about sun-clips either.  Custom-fitted, polarized clip-ons can be made for your frame in just a few days… our on-site lab offers a faster turnaround than other companies that have to send out the frame and can leave you without your glasses for over 2 weeks- BOO!  (Note that we do need your glasses for the 2 day processing time- yet another reason to have a spare pair on hand!)