Summer Sunglass Lookbook: Sassy Cat-Eyes!

Just a few of our favorite sunglasses styles that we currently stock.  This week we are channeling that quintessential, complimentary femme silhouette, The CAT-EYE. 
Caroline Abram’s Collection Filao is extra special
You can always count on the perfect throwback styling from Victory Optical!

 Crisp white-lace style for your next white party!

American designer Todd Rogers layering color for the most versatile wear


how about these sharp gradient color sunglasses from SHO EYEWORKS?

Emerald stripe- Seattle’s answer to the contemporary tortoise

Customers around the Shop: David I.’s winning frame selections

Here is a frame styling lesson in 2 parts: 

David picks out a zippy acetate set in blue/tortoise:
…And a thinner profile metal square-rim in green/cream: 

Two contrasting frame styles that compliment his style, offer versatility, and express slightly different attitudes, but stay natural to his personality.  David wins!

WOODn’t it be cool to wear one of these new styles?

The “wood-grain” textured look on acetate frames is certainly not dead- there’s a new crop of styles coming into the shop that suggest this aesthetic has evolved!  

We are seeing this trend re-vamped with more color and integrated with metal to create dynamic designs:

One of our new collections mixes metal with faux wood-grain color

 …or departing from the heavier, chunky effect to a more tried-and-true organic look in these thinner, lighter styles: 
Both classic & contemporary shapes are complemented by the earthy aesthetic of the wood-grain treatment.

This texture pairs well with rich colors & sharp color combos
earthy tones create that quintessential down-to-earth look

Fresh trends in the Shop: Striking Stripes

With the recent spring frame shipments that are arriving at the speed of light, we are witnessing another dominating trend in eyewear aesthetics- bold colorful stripes.  Which brings us to ponder, could stripes be the new tortoise?  

Take a look at some of this new stock from some of our independent companies- Eyefunc, Best Image, and Niche Optics to decide for yourself:

Fruit stripes:  melange of lines & color on metal
Are stripes the “new tortoise”?

Keeping detail simple on an eccentric style…
Not just confined to the straight-forward stripe pattern: waves & “matrix” detailing also showing up….