WOODn’t it be cool to wear one of these new styles?

The “wood-grain” textured look on acetate frames is certainly not dead- there’s a new crop of styles coming into the shop that suggest this aesthetic has evolved!  

We are seeing this trend re-vamped with more color and integrated with metal to create dynamic designs:

One of our new collections mixes metal with faux wood-grain color

 …or departing from the heavier, chunky effect to a more tried-and-true organic look in these thinner, lighter styles: 
Both classic & contemporary shapes are complemented by the earthy aesthetic of the wood-grain treatment.

This texture pairs well with rich colors & sharp color combos
earthy tones create that quintessential down-to-earth look

Fresh in the Shop: Lasting Impressions

This shipment from The Netherlands will definitely make an impression: from textured patterns to wood panel and silk-inlay, these metal frames playfully capture the attention.

This spring trend is showing signs of detail that captivates without dominating the visage.

Check out these inspirational looks that have recently arrived: 

Contemporary & sharp metal frame designs
Surface pattern & textures create a dimensional effect

Bonded Silk & Wood-panel styles:

Silk inlay in both men and women’s shapes
Check out how cool the silk fabric complements the design!
Colorful woodgrain with a contrasting rim color adds a special touch…

…and creates a striking, yet wearable aesthetic.

Fresh arrivals: some very covetable frame styles from Holland!

Some very exciting frames just arrived in the store:
Plastics in classic styling, modern detailing

Lots of distinctive two-toned metal frames
beautiful combo styles
Special editions/limited editions

 Its worth a trip to the shop to view these special imports & get your pick while they last (which won’t be long)….