Happy Pride Weekend!

Happy Seattle pride weekend to everyone celebrating! We look forward to supporting the festivities around our city that are honoring equality & diversity for all… have a safe, fun, memorable time. 
We will be open 10-5pm on Saturday to tend to your fashion eyewear needs… feel free to visit us at the shop! 

Customers around the shop: Kristine M. & Co.

Kristine rocks in this new set of matte yellow, p3 shape eyeglasses from Italy! She dares to set the bar high in this funky color scheme- the look is simply awesome.

For those of you who follow the EOF blog regularly, Kristine may seem a familiar face already… 

 This just happens to be her turn to shine in a new pair! 
Her partner Caroline got a great pair recently & we featured the family back in January!

an adorable family portrait! 
See Caroline’s blogpost from January… as these spunky gals like to make their trips a family affair! 🙂
Eyes on Fremont