The Magnificent Sayer in his new pair of Glasses

Meet Sayer Theiss. Apart from being one of the cutest kids ever in glasses, Sayer is also one heck of an adorable model for his talented mom’s art & apparel design business, klt:works.  
Sayer has been wearing glasses since he was a wee bitty 3 year old… this is his 3rd pair from us!

photo by Kristin Loffer Theiss

This 5 1/2 year old is also a budding rockstar: learning & playing electric guitar is one of his current past times.  Sayer says the new glasses make him a better player… his guitar instructor not only agrees, but thinks his glasses make him “look like vintage Elton John”.  

We are delighted to see how we can contribute to greatness in the making 🙂

Paris orders are well on their way & arriving daily- stay tuned in the coming months!

As we have stated before, Fall frame buying season is upon us & we stocked up at the Paris show this year! Many awe-inspiring styles are still on their way, so we will do our best to keep you posted on what has arrived in the shop.  We typically stock one style & color per frame to allow for the vast selection we carry- this means, get ’em while they’re hot because once its sold, its gone!  We will help you stay on top of the best selection- just stay tuned here or just stop in! 

Bill LOVES checking in the new inventory!

We now have some one of a kind retro-inspired cat-eye shapes from Poland:
Retro w/rhinestone detail- limited edition

Colorful variations on this cat-eye shape.  Round and rectangle shapes also available.

If you haven’t already, meet David- EOF’s store manager & NEW DAD!

To many, he is already a familiar face around the shop. If you haven’t already met our store manager David, you most likely will at some point while shopping for a new pair of glasses or doing some troubleshooting on your purchase. David is here for you. Oh, but not for another week, since he just welcomed a new mini-me last Friday! Emmet Thomas Henton arrived healthy & happy just after midnight on September 20th… Congratulations David! 

Reflections on this eyewear trend: Mirrored lenses

You better believe it: Channeling that Vuarnet circa 80’s look just got cool again.  The visual word on the street: mirror coatings are back with a vengeance.  

We trend forecasters can attest to the fact that because fashions ebb & flow, you might want to think twice next time you clean those “dated” styles out of your closet. Sooner or later, it will be the hottest new thing again….

YES, we can update your current sun wear with mirrored lenses that will complement any frame of your choosing- just inquire next time you come into the shop!

How hot is Aimee in her fiery red mirrored sunnies?
Next up: the clip-on sunglass look….