Getting to know our EOF staff– C Fast Optometry’s own, Nikki!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Nikki has graced the Dr.s office end of EOF for 5 years now, having started in Fall of 2010. She has been the main assistant for C. Fast Optometry since they began with us!

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

Nikki is the main office assistant & technician for C.Fast Optometry, our shop’s on site independent Optometrist.  She maintains the supportive end of the Dr’s office- from scheduling to billing to pre-testing- and keeps the heart of C.Fast Optometry flowing smoothly!

Nikki’s creature comforts:

Nikki’s charming & light-hearted sense of humor keeps the balance in our busy shop! 
Some things about her that speak to this: 
When she’s not navigating the eye care world, She’s probably nose deep in a book- one of her all time favorites being the Harry Potter series. Her affinity for the collection is basically tied to “growing up” with the characters of the novels as they came out!
And remember the quirky tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000? Well, Nikki is also a big fan- Tom Servo is one of the infamous robot characters she amusedly keeps around…. 
The  avid cat-lover she is, Nikki most likely is sipping her herbal tea of choice from this Garfield mug. Tea is her libation of choice around the office to keep warm & cozy while she does her office tasking. 🙂

Getting to Know your EOF Front End Coordinator: Madison!

Here’s Madison!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont: 

Coming close to 2 years; Madison is our summer baby… She started here in July 2013.

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

Madison has a unique position at Eyes on Fremont. While not an actual optician, her proposed job titles include (but are not limited to): Front end manager, Opticians’ assistant, office support, customer service support,store greeter/hostess (with the mostest!), store photographer….
  We actually like to think of Madison as the “glue” holding our busy little shop together!

What Madison is doing when she’s not “directing traffic” in our bustling shop:

This gal is quite artistic! Beyond taking fabulous photographs, she does things like bake, paint, and her latest creative venture: card making. Madison finger painted the striped shirt wall hanging below (which further affirms our suspicions about her love of striped things).  
Madison is drawn to organizing and enhancing the visual fields around her- to decorate her new, cozy micro studio is her collection of succulents in aesthetically pleasing pots & glass bowls.  Madison is an enthusiast of this particular plant variety- she has a collection of over twenty now!

Jade plant in decorative ceramic pottery, white and black frames from Italy, Hand-painted work by Madison, and one of her handmade card designs.

Madison also loves pigs; she states that pigs are actually considered good luck in German culture!

Getting to know your EOF optician: Dan Butler on his current favorite album & poultry-flavored toothpaste!

Optician: Dan Butler

How long with EOF: Dan’s first day at EOF was June 1, 2004… that makes 10.5 years!

EOF specialty: Dan has been a dispensing optician for over 20 years and is a master at his craft! The process and patience involved in opticianry work is something of a “lost art”, but he never falters in taking care of every detail of your eyewear fitting experience. From frame selection, to evaluating the best options for your Rx, to fitting glasses, to effective trouble-shooting of eyewear concerns, Dan puts 1000% towards a positive experience and somehow, remains pretty “Zen” through it all!

Joni Mitchell Album, classic frame styles Dan would wear by Frame Holland, Canada travel guide, Poultry-flavored dog toothpaste, and the “Super-Dan” by Roger Eye Designs

Dan’s current inspirations & pre-occupations:
Dan’s a multi-faceted character.  For starters, he’s enthusiastic about music, biking, swimming, and tending to his French Bulldogs, Olly & Savannah!

He’s currently channeling a revival of tunes 40 years back with Canadian singer Joni Mitchell’s experimental folk album, The Hissing of Summer Lawns- “Masterpiece,” as Dan calls it. Its concurrent with a Canadian theme: he’s in the process of planning a trip to Quebec later this year with his wife, Diane. 

As for the poultry flavored toothpaste? Well, Dan is a devout caretaker to his four-legged companions, Olly and Savannah – his adorable French Bulldogs.  As mentioned before, Dan’s attention to detail & care is impeccable. And discovering the “perfect” toothpaste for his dogs is charmingly symbolic of that.

Happy Holidays from the Staff at EYES ON FREMONT!

The Eyes on Fremont staff want to wish you a happy holiday! We had a festive holiday party at Restaurant Zoe in the Capitol Hill area this year… we highly recommend them! Just a reminder, we will be open on Christmas Eve from 10-3pm and closed on Christmas day, but back for regular business hours on Friday the 26th.

Our holiday hours schedule can be seen here:

Have a safe & festive week!