How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Nikki has graced the Dr.s office end of EOF for 5 years now, having started in Fall of 2010. She has been the main assistant for C. Fast Optometry since they began with us!

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

Nikki is the main office assistant & technician for C.Fast Optometry, our shop’s on site independent Optometrist.  She maintains the supportive end of the Dr’s office- from scheduling to billing to pre-testing- and keeps the heart of C.Fast Optometry flowing smoothly!

Nikki’s creature comforts:

Nikki’s charming & light-hearted sense of humor keeps the balance in our busy shop! 
Some things about her that speak to this: 
When she’s not navigating the eye care world, She’s probably nose deep in a book- one of her all time favorites being the Harry Potter series. Her affinity for the collection is basically tied to “growing up” with the characters of the novels as they came out!
And remember the quirky tv show Mystery Science Theater 3000? Well, Nikki is also a big fan- Tom Servo is one of the infamous robot characters she amusedly keeps around…. 
The  avid cat-lover she is, Nikki most likely is sipping her herbal tea of choice from this Garfield mug. Tea is her libation of choice around the office to keep warm & cozy while she does her office tasking. 🙂

Eyes on Fremont