Customers around the Shop: Rich

Customers around the Shop: Rich


This modern version of the retro “browline” frame design is a great Rx sunglass option– Just ask Rich! Style-wise, it spruces up his everyday look, while maintaining solid comfort and functionality.
Rich is in good spirits wearing his new SHO EYEWINKS sunglass! 


Getting to know your Optician: BILL

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Bill is one of our most familiar faces around the shop- he’s been an integral team member since October 2006… just entering his 9th year! He’s a dedicated employee and will surely contribute to the EOF legacy for years to come. 

Bill’s  EOF “Specialty”: 

 He’s fine tuned to a high standard of fashion & will surely let you know what will (or won’t) “make the cut” style-wise! Bill also helps keep up the visual aesthetics of the Shop, checking the frame board and displays every day. Behind the scenes, he manages the instagram images and manages inventory receivables. 

And what’s Bill’s cup of tea (or highball of whiskey):

When he’s not at EOF overseeing the details of the shop, Bill probably is making himself available at the hip-neighborhood watering holes, such as Pony on Capitol Hill- Rainier in one hand and Fireball in the other! Just a way to decompress from the bustle of the business…. 😉
  He’s a man of distinct style and tends toward the edgy and never skimping on accessories- which is how glasses styling is a natural thing for him!  Paris is Burning is his favorite go-to for movies on a mellow night in. 

Help dad put on his best Father’s Day face with these looks

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so here’s a little frame styling inspiration in honor of that favorite male figure our lives:

The Contemporary Dad
Key words: modern, edgy, polished, color pop

The “Hip” Dad
Key words: Retro-inspired, fashion-forward, trendy, geek chic

The “Professorial” Dad
Key words: Classic, timeless, intellectual

The Utilitarian Dad
Key terms: Sturdy, Light-weight, functional

We are open Saturday 10-5pm and if you haven’t gotten a stellar Father’s day gift yet, don’t worry- we have gift certificates handy.  🙂