Getting to know our Newest Optician- Tony!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Tony is the “baby” of the EOF family, just having joined the team at the end of December 2015! He brings a wealth of experience fresh from his time in the SCCC Opticianry program & as an ABO/NCLE certified dispenser.

His EOF “Specialty”: 

Tony’s outgoing nature & passion for eyewear fashion makes him a lively optical frame consultant and dispenser…
his boisterous laughter is an definitely an “ice-breaker”! It’s possible Tony is one of the most friendly and light-hearted opticians of our bunch! He brings a great balance of optical knowledge and enthusiasm for eyewear styling to the EOF team. 

Some of what maintains Tony’s youthful attitude toward life:

One quintessential item always seen on Tony’s person is a set of headphones– He loves to have tunes filling his head at all times, and most often its some form of Hip Hop.

Outside of the shop, Tony can be found “ballin”- literally, on the basketball court! Basketball is his favorite sport to play & he’s even been a b-ball card collector since childhood…. 

AND, he’s also a longtime fan of cars, but his love for them goes well beyond his own interests- it’s a mutual passion that bonds Tony to his four year-old son.

Our Soldier’s Angels Winter Donation Program was a smashing Hit!

The EOF crew with Tricia from Soldier’s Angels Organization (far Right). 441 pairs of finished reading glasses were successfully made & delivered by mid-February!

Eyes on Fremont had another great winter business season & wanted to extend thanks to the community by giving back to the local community. So for 2015, our bustling lil shop wanted to support the veterans of our region: We partnered with Soldier’s Angels Foundation to provide much needed reading glasses for it’s recipients.
For each complete eyeglass purchase made December 14th- 31st, we donated a set of reading glasses to Soldier’s Angels… we successfully donated over 440 sets of custom-made reading glasses!  

Shout out to Van Rue & his sales team from local lens lab, Single Vision Express for generously supplying the optical lenses. 

And a special thanks to our lab staff, Elizabeth & Emily for working extra hard to crank out 400 extra pairs of lenses so we could deliver this donation at the beginning of 2016! 
If you’d like are the time to learn more about the vision and services Soldier’s Angels Org. offers, check out their website here: 

Getting to know your EOF Optician: Emily B.

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:
Emily has been a part of the EOF family for 2.5 years, joining the crew while in the midst of her Opticianry program degree at Seattle Central. She graduated & obtained her license in 2014! 

Her EOF “Specialty”: 
Although Emily is a skilled “front-end” optician, she really enjoys working on the lab/production side of things as well. She splits her time in the shop doing lens finishing work, repairs, sunclip production, and dispensing/adjusting.  Emily prefers to exercise her “tactile” skills wherever she can in the shop!

What motors Emily’s interests & what keeps her happily “scooting” along:

Emily balances work & play really well- engaging herself off the clock with the light-hearted, the off-beat, the creative & quirky things in life.  
She finds interest in collecting natural “oddities”, fun & colorful trinkets, & is a fetishist for Hello Kitty paraphernalia.  If she’s not scootering around town, she probably is chilling out crafting or sewing cool things like hand-bags & vintage-inspired items. She prefers and appreciates the “old-school way” for her art process & aesthetics.
The bottom line with Emily is to approach life with a little sense of humor & fun!

Getting to know your Optician: Bola A.!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Bola has been with EOF since December 2008, just shy of 7 years. She started with our shop while in the Opticianry Program at Seattle Central College and was even a patron of EOF before she joined the team!

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

Bola became opticiantry licensed after she graduated from SCC in 2009 & is pretty well-versed in finding the right personalized eyewear look for every person she assists. Because she enjoys fashion & stylish accessorizing, Bola is a perfect optician to work with if you need some eyewear fashion advice! She’s a skilled stylist with a lot of Optician knowledge to back it up, and works with our lens labs to order the best lenses for your frame choice & Rx needs.

Some of the things that help keep Bola feeling warm & fuzzy:

Maybe its her Southwest hometown roots that attracts her to rich & vibrant designs, natural forms, and warm climates- you could say Bola appreciates nature as an art form and integrates that into her personal aesthetic.   
As a natural born sun seeker, she loves to travel to sunny places with her two teens, visiting the Southwest and places like the Hawaiian & Caribbean tropics whenever possible!  She loves colorful, earthy objects such as the green malachite necklace her aunt made for her.