Friday Eyeglasses inspiration with Jenny J and Andy Wolf!

Photo courtesy of Jenny’s I phone via an EOF customer

  Seattle photographer, Jenny Jimenez came in for some eyeglass servicing and decided we all needed to take this shot together, since we were all on the same page, wearing our Andy Wolf frames today! Thanks for pointing out the synchronicity and giving us the inspiration, Jenny! 

Check out her website on the link above and her latest photo spread for July’s issue City Arts Mag: 

Customers around the Shop: Morgan

Morgan seems to brighten up the grey days in her new Andy Wolf glasses! The refined retro-styling keeps the look funky and edgy, while maintaining versatility. We like what this soft, silvery-grey tone does to enhance her eye color too. 
Great choice, Morgan! 

Getting to know our Newest Optician- Tony!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont:

Tony is the “baby” of the EOF family, just having joined the team at the end of December 2015! He brings a wealth of experience fresh from his time in the SCCC Opticianry program & as an ABO/NCLE certified dispenser.

His EOF “Specialty”: 

Tony’s outgoing nature & passion for eyewear fashion makes him a lively optical frame consultant and dispenser…
his boisterous laughter is an definitely an “ice-breaker”! It’s possible Tony is one of the most friendly and light-hearted opticians of our bunch! He brings a great balance of optical knowledge and enthusiasm for eyewear styling to the EOF team. 

Some of what maintains Tony’s youthful attitude toward life:

One quintessential item always seen on Tony’s person is a set of headphones– He loves to have tunes filling his head at all times, and most often its some form of Hip Hop.

Outside of the shop, Tony can be found “ballin”- literally, on the basketball court! Basketball is his favorite sport to play & he’s even been a b-ball card collector since childhood…. 

AND, he’s also a longtime fan of cars, but his love for them goes well beyond his own interests- it’s a mutual passion that bonds Tony to his four year-old son.

Customers around the Shop: Jane K

Loved helping Anne find her quintessential eyewear looks when she came in last week… She definitely had her style aesthetic down to fit her personality and dares to don the bold, fashion-forward with her Transition lenses.  Anne picked out two of our favorite styles from Andy Wolf (above) and this asymmetrical design by Apro Eyewear! 

Thank you Anne for being such a delight! 

Eyes on Fremont