Quintessential hip eyewear made in Austria- Meet Andy Wolf!

Katharina, one of the main designers of Andy Wolf with one of the uber stylish team reps, Adam at this year’s Silmo trade Show in Paris. They certainly make eyewear fashion desirable and fun!

ANDY WOLF Eyewear walks the fine line between razor-sharp styling & contemporary appeal for a more effortless fashion-forward look. Add in the quality craftsmanship & finely handled construction, and behold- a covetable eyewear collection of exemplary value. 


The collection stays ahead of the design game with its unique color palettes & innovative color/frame material combinations, but never strays from a balanced, versatile trend aesthetic.

Check out their intriguing website and follow their well- curated eyewear blog, its somewhat of an artistic odyssey with an editorial fashion feel (and one of our favorite glasses websites for inspiration).

Plus, they have a great vimeo video that gives an intimate view of how handcrafting their eyewear is a special process here: 

Customers around the Shop: Bronte

Somewhere out there that tried & true, perennial classic eyewear design that was made for you awaits… Bronte certainly found her perfect one, don’t you agree? 

For those of you on the lookout, we have a surplus of amazing frame styles in the shop at this moment- JUST SAYIN’ 😉

Customers around the Shop: Cheryl B

A crystal clear frame can go a little or a long way style-wise, depending on the eyewear shape. 
 Cheryl’s revamped retro look from Andy Wolf expresses personality & edge in a subtle way, so her pretty eyes and smile are still the focal point! At the same time, this frame doesn’t stray from presenting an intriguing fashion aesthetic.


Customers around the Shop: Jacqueline

Mama Mia! Does the face make the glasses or does the eyeglass frame make the face? 
It’s a tough question with Jacqueline, who we have a hunch looks this good in every style of glasses imaginable.
Yet, this new Andy Wolf style offers her look a sharp, contemporary aesthetic that is truly enviable… 
We love how polished this complimentary look is!