Customers around the Shop: Cheryl B

A crystal clear frame can go a little or a long way style-wise, depending on the eyewear shape. 
 Cheryl’s revamped retro look from Andy Wolf expresses personality & edge in a subtle way, so her pretty eyes and smile are still the focal point! At the same time, this frame doesn’t stray from presenting an intriguing fashion aesthetic.

Customers around the shop: Quintessential Jennifer

Jennifer came in recently to get her complementary adjustment on the 2 pairs of glasses she purchased from us. Even though she got this Rx sunglass pair a year ago, we are beside ourselves at how edgy chic they are on her! This sunglass style was clearly ahead of the trend when she first got them. Jennifer, when you look good, we look good! Sincerely- thank you for that 🙂