Customers around the Shop: Jane K


Loved helping Anne find her quintessential eyewear looks when she came in last week… She definitely had her style aesthetic down to fit her personality and dares to don the bold, fashion-forward with her Transition lenses.  Anne picked out two of our favorite styles from Andy Wolf (above) and this asymmetrical design by Apro Eyewear! 

Thank you Anne for being such a delight! 


Walk on the Wild side: Meet APRO Spectacles, our newest Italian Eyewear Collection!

APRO SPECTACLES isn’t just another awesome family-run eyewear collection we found this fall’s Paris trade show.  This exciting company has some really special optical and sunglass designs for those who appreciate sharp, confident, fashion-forward looks!

DSC 9250

  It is one of those collections that places so much care & discriminating detail into designing an outstanding, unique story; with Avante-Garde influences, retro-inspired styling this eyeglass family deliver something special…

DSC 9255
Geometric space/detail

Beautiful faces: the family/designers of APRO SPECTACLES
DSC 9245
Asymmetry in color variation