Customers around the Shop: Morgan

Morgan seems to brighten up the grey days in her new Andy Wolf glasses! The refined retro-styling keeps the look funky and edgy, while maintaining versatility. We like what this soft, silvery-grey tone does to enhance her eye color too. 
Great choice, Morgan! 

Walk on the Wild side: Meet APRO Spectacles, our newest Italian Eyewear Collection!

APRO SPECTACLES isn’t just another awesome family-run eyewear collection we found this fall’s Paris trade show.  This exciting company has some really special optical and sunglass designs for those who appreciate sharp, confident, fashion-forward looks!

  It is one of those collections that places so much care & discriminating detail into designing an outstanding, unique story; with Avante-Garde influences, retro-inspired styling this eyeglass family deliver something special…

Geometric space/detail

Beautiful faces: the family/designers of APRO SPECTACLES
Asymmetry in color variation

Top Guns: A new crop of Sunglasses from Victory Eyewear

Summer is in full swing, and everyone under the sun is craving a cool look by way of sun wear. Victory Eyewear’s collection has just arrived in the shop and it looks as though they are on the up & up of what is ahead in the sunglass game! This family-owned company has earned its right as a trusted authority on eyewear fashion; spanning three generations and having been in business since 1941, they remain loyal to the retro aesthetic they defined for many style icons we identify eyewear with. (Buddy Holly come to mind?)
Here are the 2 sunglass models, available in 4 colorways:
The newest Suntimers model brings a little edge to the classic retro-round shape with a colored-rim and contrasting metallic double bar. Slick!    

Victory’s “Plaza” aviator is also updated in the new color combos, making it one of the most attractive aviator styles on the market.

If you’re not already familiar with Victory Eyewear’s history, check it out here: