Customers around the shop: what you wear when you’re TEN HUNDRED percent cool

The outrageously talented artist,  TEN HUNDRED paid us a visit yesterday to pick up his newest sun specs and gracing the staff with his awesome “ride or die” t-shirt designs (thanks man!). 

Frankly, we can’t wait to see what else evolves from the other side of this lens…

If you don’t already know, definitely check him out and stay tuned:

Customers around the Shop: Meet the designer behind Elizabeth’s new cat eye!

Elizabeth scored this stellar blue dual-tone cat eye recently from one of our special collections, Auster.  This vibrant, unique style offers a  one-of-a-kind look, as Polish designer Mr. Bodyych tailors each shape with distinct & limited color combos.  Plus, they are a great value– these handmade glasses retail for $140! 

 Andrzej Bodych is the man behind the uncommon handcrafted collection- he likes to design frames with bold color, hand-sculpted details, and retro-inspired shapes. 

Polish designer & optical frames OG- Mr. Bodych

Customers Around the Shop: Wolfgang B!

Wolfgang’s newest sunglasses are out of this world! 
This frosted white, double-bridge orbital design is elevated to the next level with a pair of deep blue-mirrored lenses… Seattle needs more of this eclectic, funky mix! 
Way to take Seatown style up a notch, Wolfgang 🙂

Customers around the shop: Kristine M. & Co.

Kristine rocks in this new set of matte yellow, p3 shape eyeglasses from Italy! She dares to set the bar high in this funky color scheme- the look is simply awesome.

For those of you who follow the EOF blog regularly, Kristine may seem a familiar face already… 

 This just happens to be her turn to shine in a new pair! 
Her partner Caroline got a great pair recently & we featured the family back in January!

an adorable family portrait! 
See Caroline’s blogpost from January… as these spunky gals like to make their trips a family affair! 🙂