Easter egg colors for your spring palette & greetings for a joyful Sunday!

Victory and Roger Eye Design spring colors 

Hunting for the perfect spring frame?  Here’s a little pastel PAAS color inspiration via a few of our favorite independent eyewear lines! 

On that note, Have a lovely Easter weekend from the EOF family!

Customers around the shop: Kristine M. & Co.

Kristine rocks in this new set of matte yellow, p3 shape eyeglasses from Italy! She dares to set the bar high in this funky color scheme- the look is simply awesome.

For those of you who follow the EOF blog regularly, Kristine may seem a familiar face already… 

 This just happens to be her turn to shine in a new pair! 
Her partner Caroline got a great pair recently & we featured the family back in January!

an adorable family portrait! 
See Caroline’s blogpost from January… as these spunky gals like to make their trips a family affair! 🙂

Fresh in the Shop: more striking color but IN PETITE SIZES!

Ok, I know a lot of you out there are gonna love this one… new petite acetate frame styles from Paris designer, Carolyn Abram! These are simply gorgeous;  this new unisex collection will probably sell out in the blink of an eye, given they are the perfect fit for small faces!  

Hopefully this little preview will inspire you to stop into the shop soon! 🙂

Fresh in the Shop: Chromatic SPLASH

We have A LOT to catch up on… so many new frame styles have arrived in the shop, we hardly know what to do with ourselves! 

This week we will pump up the volume & post as much of the new stock as we can so you can get the idea… 

One of our most recent arrivals is this Italian collection that features a full spectrum of striking shapes and colors in a super light-weight, nylon form.

Thin, light and colorful from front to back!