Customers around the shop: Bridget S.

The look she went for is an edgy take on the classic P3: the studious round in a gorgeous marbled emerald color. Not so “geek chic” as much as high fashion sophisticate– think “Gossip Girl” with class!

EOF stylewatch: Amy Q. of Adele Salon in the most ADORABLE shirt!

We couldn’t resist taking a a few photos of our neighbor, Amy from Adele Salon, wearing this adorable eye glasses top!  (we will forgive her for not wearing her own glasses today, which are very cute, btw.)

Amy Quackenbush, owner of Adele

Adele’s team includes Amy, as well as 2 other well rounded stylists who offer all kinds of premium salon services since they really understand hair (I can personally attest to this, having gotten great haircuts from them).  See Amy specifically for her “Diamond Cut” service which has gotten much acclaim!

 Often times, the best make-over treat to accompany that new pair of glasses is a hairstyle upgrade… thank goodness Adele Salon is only a skip, hop, & jump away!