Eyes on Fremont Collection’s frame of the week: Meet the Lenin in Terra cotta/charcoal

The Lenin in Terra Cotta/Charcoal
The coppery warm terra cotta is a sharp contrast to the cooler deep grey tones of the charcoal, creating a fresh balance of neutrals.

The name of this model observes the ever polarizing art installment which occupies the corner of a major intersection in Fremont… 
The Lenin statue is an infamous fixture, for better or for worse. It still generates heated debates to this day & draws attention to our eccentric neighborhood. 

photo courtesy of Flickr 

A blogpost on ARF- Artist’s Republic of Fremont  adequately summed up the presence of the Lenin statue in quirky Fremont: 

“One thing that is not lost on people is the fact that Lenin represents a tragically flawed system which persecuted and killed millions of people. There are many people more worthy of being cast in bronze, but Lenin ended up in Fremont. He is a profound reminder that art can outlive politics. If art is supposed to bring out emotion, this piece is successful in accomplishing just that. To that extent, a vistor coming across Lenin may find the statue is decorated. Sometimes lights grace the statue, sometimes it’s a red clown nose. It’s just the way things happen in Fremont, the Center of the Universe.”

image from www.strangehistory.net

Lenin gets “decorated” for many of the city’s festivities, such as Gay Pride weekend.

Fresh Arrivals: Motif Eyewear

We just got these beautiful new frame styles from Motif Eyewear! The brushed & patterned neutrals as well as the tortoise variations make these everyday contemporary shapes more expressive. The metal temples & combo looks add a sophisticated touch to an otherwise timeless look.

Come in this weekend to see them… we are open Saturday 10-5pm!