YES! We now have 2 more models to choose from in our Eyes on Fremont eyewear collection!

We just received 2 new models in the EOF collection-The ‘Laurelhurst’ & the ‘SeaTac’ to give our customer base even more variety to choose from in this budget-friendly collection! 

You can’t say we haven’t done anything for you… it’s all Love 😉

Here’s the ‘Laurelhurst’ (named after a neighborhood of Seattle)- a thinner, medium-sized dual tone metal design: 

And the ‘Sea Tac’– a slightly wider, uni-sex style with a hint of definition at the brown line:

New C. Fast colors from the Eyes on Fremont collection!

One of our most popular EOF collection frame models has been updated in 3 cool new colors! This is good news for those of you who are seeking stylish glasses at a value price– the more options, the better! 

Check out the latest from C. Fast: 

In addition to these options, we still have the matte greenish and matte brownish colors in stock. If you like what you’re seeing, come in to try them on!

Customers around the Shop: BLAIR STACKS!

Those baby blues…! Blair’s stunning eyes are perfectly “framed” by this eyewear model from our Eyes on Fremont collection. The matte “beach glass” finish has an alluring effect & compliments his style!

 Blair’s outgoing and warm nature is infectious! We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting him around the city, as he is a very busy managing broker for Coldwell Banker’s Capitol Hill branch.

Find him at

Eyes on Fremont Collection’s Frame of the Week: Meet the “Magnolia” in Greenish

This week we share another great feminine shape for the EOF collection:
MAGNOLIA in Greenish
This is a great option for those petite faces or for someone looking for a softer, yet uplifting look.  The defined arch of this frame brings attention to the eyes & creates a flattering contour to the brow line.  The green-teal tone highlights just about any eye color-  especially blue, green, or hazel eyes.

Photo courtesy of

We named this model after Seattle’s picturesque neighborhood, tucked in the west end of town. This part of the city is actually on a Peninsula, so its often considered to be “out of the way” or more secluded than the rest. But actually, its so close! Magnolia attracts all the nearby urban dwellers looking to “get to nature” because of Discovery Park, the largest park in the city. It boasts over 500 acres of natural land, trails, & bay shore beaches, as well as a Native American cultural center and Environmental Learning center.

Map of Discovery Park

Frame of the week: Eyes on Fremont Collection’s “The Burke G.” in Blackish

As many of you may already know, we have our own in-house collection that is available at a very reasonable package price of $175 for frame & standard lenses. 

Every few months we release a couple of new models to keep the selection up to par. We would like to introduce you to one of the newer models…

This model is the
ideal urban chic that borrows a pronounced brow line from classic horn-rimmed looks.  Though leaning towards a masculine silhouette, this style is a popular unisex look. Medium brown temples add pleasant neutral contrasting to the matte black front: a utilitarian, yet polished color scheme.

This style is named after the Burke-Gilman Trail in King County, one of the most travelled commuter trails in the country. Previously a rail-trail that was converted to a pedestrian-friendly urban trail system in the 1970’s, it spans over 17 miles.  
An interactive view of Burke-Gilman Trail here: Burke-Gilman Google map

The mostly paved Burke-Gilman starts at Golden Gardens Park on Puget Sound and winds through many landmarks of the city, including University of Washington, Gasworks Park, and Lake Union. The trail goes eastbound through a number of neighborhoods & parks to Bothell Park. For those who want to continue on, it connects to Sammamish River trail; another 11 miles on this connect will land you at Marymoor Park in Redmond.
Photo courtesy of
The Burke-Gilman Trail has inspired other cities to plan and build similar commuter trails, as it is very popular for both transportation-based and recreational use.