Fresh in the Shop: more striking color but IN PETITE SIZES!

Ok, I know a lot of you out there are gonna love this one… new petite acetate frame styles from Paris designer, Carolyn Abram! These are simply gorgeous;  this new unisex collection will probably sell out in the blink of an eye, given they are the perfect fit for small faces!  

Hopefully this little preview will inspire you to stop into the shop soon! 🙂

Fresh in the Shop: Chromatic SPLASH

We have A LOT to catch up on… so many new frame styles have arrived in the shop, we hardly know what to do with ourselves! 

This week we will pump up the volume & post as much of the new stock as we can so you can get the idea… 

One of our most recent arrivals is this Italian collection that features a full spectrum of striking shapes and colors in a super light-weight, nylon form.

Thin, light and colorful from front to back!

Customers around the shop: Valerie D.

Sunny days are here!  Valerie is well prepared for it too- she picked up her new Rx sunglasses recently and is on top of this good-weather game!  But really, its not too late to get yours too, and we have SO MANY great sunnies in the shop at the moment (hint, hint). 

Customers around the shop: Meet Raelyn C. AND VIF Wine/Coffee

This is not just another sweet face wearing the infamous “C. Fast” model from the Eyes on Fremont collection!  Raelyn is one of our Fremont community friends who works at this wonderful cafe on our block called VIF Wine and Coffee.

VIF is a charming neighborhood cafe that caters to wine, locally roasted coffee, and delicious lighter fare. It’s presence has graced “Upper Fremont” since last summer, just shy of a year now!

Vif Cafe is a short walk north of Eyes on Fremont, across from Market time Grocery, in a bright, inviting corner of Fremont Ave North.

This airy, light-infused space invites you in with delicious made-from-scratch bites & pastry selections, Olympia Roasters Coffee, local teas, and a wall of thoughtfully curated wines.

The warm feel of the Cafe makes this a perfect space to meet up for an easy brunch, an afternoon wine date, or to book the cafe for an intimate party! Owners Shawn Mead and Lauren Feldman are well-seasoned in the food and service industry- they are commited to offering a fresh and tasty menu as well as a friendly, memorable experience.

For more details, make sure to visit their website here:  
Vif’s lovely owners and staff, from L to R: Shawn (owner), Alexandra, Robin, and Lauren (owner).

… and Raelyn, of course!