ALERT: The Mother of All Petite Frame Collections is in!

We have a good percentage of our customers asking for frame styles for small faces, “close-set” eyes, narrow faces, petites, kid sizes, etc.  Given that, we have a favorite collection that successfully meets that need- Kinto. This collection comes from Belgium only once a year & it is one of the most coveted frame lines in the store!  

See it here now:


Lots of great colors & shapes…

Don’t be fooled about how many you see here- we have sold about 10 frames a day of this collection during high season!

Some models are available in more than one size

Both metal and plastic (acetate) frames in stock.

We can hardly contain our excitement at the arrival of this EOF favorite- if you have been waiting for a solid selection of smaller fit frames, NOW IS THE TIME.  It sells really fast & is limited availability… just saying!