Getting to Know your EOF Front End Coordinator: Madison!

Here’s Madison!

How Long with Eyes on Fremont: 

Coming close to 2 years; Madison is our summer baby… She started here in July 2013.

Her EOF “Specialty”: 

Madison has a unique position at Eyes on Fremont. While not an actual optician, her proposed job titles include (but are not limited to): Front end manager, Opticians’ assistant, office support, customer service support,store greeter/hostess (with the mostest!), store photographer….
  We actually like to think of Madison as the “glue” holding our busy little shop together!

What Madison is doing when she’s not “directing traffic” in our bustling shop:

This gal is quite artistic! Beyond taking fabulous photographs, she does things like bake, paint, and her latest creative venture: card making. Madison finger painted the striped shirt wall hanging below (which further affirms our suspicions about her love of striped things).  
Madison is drawn to organizing and enhancing the visual fields around her- to decorate her new, cozy micro studio is her collection of succulents in aesthetically pleasing pots & glass bowls.  Madison is an enthusiast of this particular plant variety- she has a collection of over twenty now!

Jade plant in decorative ceramic pottery, white and black frames from Italy, Hand-painted work by Madison, and one of her handmade card designs.

Madison also loves pigs; she states that pigs are actually considered good luck in German culture!

Good-bye 2014… HELLO 2015 !!!

The staff of EYES ON FREMONT wish you all a joyful New Year and a bright, fruitful 2015!
We want to remind you that we are open regular business hours on Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday the 31st! It’s your last chance to make a purchase toward your HSA or vision insurance benefits that expire toward the end of the year!

We WILL be closed on January 1st to get some much needed R&R from the busy last week & New Years Eve festivities, but will be back bright-eyed & bushy-tailed for the rest of the week. 😉

Have a safe and memorable New Years Eve!

Take note: HOLIDAY BUSINESS HOURS and don’t forget about your end of year insurance deadlines!

 It’s that time of the year again- the last-minute holiday frenzy alongside using up the rest of those insurance benefit claims and HSA accounts!  We are here to help you out with all of it!

YES! We will be open during our regular business hours:
Monday-Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5

DEC. 24th: 10-3pm

Our staff is here to help sort out those last minute claims to your health savings account so, don’t fret! 

And for those last minute gift ideas, we DO have gift certificates available in any denomination… the perfect practical gift idea for your loved ones!

Give us a call or stop in 🙂

Eyewear Family Values: Introducing our newest addition, MOSCOT EYEWEAR

Eyes on Fremont loves to support the smaller family-owned establishments, being that we are an independent “mom & pop” business ourselves.  
One of the latest collections we’ve invested in is a notable family establishment that has held a prominent spot in the optical industry for nearly a century while maintaining its independent business status (which we happen to really like supporting). 

MOSCOT EYEWEAR is a stylish, trusted glasses collection out of New York and has maintained its presence in the Big Apple since the 1920’s. Known for its vintage-inspired classic designs and iconic styles, it continues to be a sought-after collection for its quality & timeless hip aesthetic.

We are pleased to be able to offer this cool eyewear collection and have a generous stock to show this season! Come in soon to check them out!

Read the Moscot story here:

Yup, we will be closed for Thanksgiving Day

 The staff at Eyes on Fremont will be taking this Thursday, the 27th off to feast with our friends & family and hope you enjoy your time as well.  
Most importantly, we will be back in the shop regular hours on Friday and Saturday to serve all your eyewear needs

We look forward to SEEING you then….