Favorite artist of the moment: TEN HUNDRED

We LOVE visual art and currently have a huge “artist crush” on TEN HUNDRED right now! 

If you wish to see these incredible animated works in the real, he currently has his work up at SURFACE THEORY  in Pioneer Square for the rest of July- its worth the visit!

AND THEN, follow him on the various social media outlets of your choice:


From the Surface Theory art opening, First Thursday Art Walk- July 2, 2015:
TEN HUNDRED, rockin his newest Italian specs from THEMA for opening night… NIICE.

Customers around the Shop: Ross B.!

Ross is a super cool guy for a few reasons.   First of all, he is wearing “THE TROLL in grayish”, one of the newer models from our Eyes on Fremont collection. Above & beyond that, he is one of the main collaborators for the impressive design group, SURFACE THEORY. 

Ross is the man behind the magic for his team’s sustainable & reclaimed wood designs. Chances are, you have enjoyed the aesthetically pleasing ambiance that his detail work contributes to in many places around the city… 

Check out his team and their notable attributes here:

Photo courtesy of Surface Theory via Facebook

Eyes on Fremont