Eyes on Fremont Collection’s Frame of the Week: Meet the “RKCNDY in Blackish”

This week’s EOF frame pays homage to one of the Seattle institutions to help birth the grunge scene:
RKCNDY in Blackish
This petite, sorta squarish, sorta cat-eyeish shape dares to be a touch of both for those looking for a little edge while maintaining a femme façade- a truly badass shape!  What else can we say about the deep matte grey & frosted white color? It would be SO SEATTLE to declare this color scheme “the new black”….

RKCNDY was located on the corner of Yale ave. where a Springhill Suites now lives.
photo courtesy of Seattle times
The RKCNDY was a hole in the wall, all ages club venue at the foot of Capitol Hill & Downtown Seattle, on Yale ave. during the 90’s.  It is legendary for helping cultivate the “grunge scene”, which made many local big hitters such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden,and Hole (plus countless other alt rock bands) icons of the music world.  

RKCNDY was a refuge of sorts from the soggy grey mentality of that time- lively crowds engaged in many crowd surfing & mosh pit ventures to get their passive-aggressive angst out of the way.  No doubt, when the doors closed on October 30, 1999 it was a sad day- in a way, the Seattle music scene hasn’t been the same since.

Pearl Jam show: January 3, 1992
Photo borrowed from one of many unofficial Pearl Jam history pages: http://pearljamhistory.no.sapo.pt
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 to further feed that nostalgic fix you’re probably having right now.
Photo courtesy of www.kiswhalloffame.com