Eyes on Fremont Collection’s Frame of the Week: Meet the “Magnolia” in Greenish

This week we share another great feminine shape for the EOF collection:
MAGNOLIA in Greenish
This is a great option for those petite faces or for someone looking for a softer, yet uplifting look.  The defined arch of this frame brings attention to the eyes & creates a flattering contour to the brow line.  The green-teal tone highlights just about any eye color-  especially blue, green, or hazel eyes.

Photo courtesy of http://www.seattlehomesearch.org/Magnolia/

We named this model after Seattle’s picturesque neighborhood, tucked in the west end of town. This part of the city is actually on a Peninsula, so its often considered to be “out of the way” or more secluded than the rest. But actually, its so close! Magnolia attracts all the nearby urban dwellers looking to “get to nature” because of Discovery Park, the largest park in the city. It boasts over 500 acres of natural land, trails, & bay shore beaches, as well as a Native American cultural center and Environmental Learning center.

Map of Discovery Park