Frame Arrival…

A big box from Italy showed up yesterday, and it was filled with…well you guessed it…NEW FRAMES!!!  We ordered these way back in October, at the Paris show, and they are just now showing up…all just part of the Italian charm 🙂  Come to think of it, we can hardly even communicate with this factory.  Brunetta who takes our order every year is really really nice, but speaks almost no English and our Italian is…uhh…well…not so much.  But every time we get a box of these frames we remember why we go through the extra work to get them, because they’re beautiful.  They will sell quickly, so get here soon.

Fall Buying Schedule…

Just to let everyone know the Eyes on Fremont fall buying schedule is as follows:

Sept. 22nd-Sept. 24th Elizabeth, Aimee and Nate will be attending Vision Expo West in Las Vegas. They will be scouting out all the latest trends for lenses, lens processing equipment, and optical tools. Not one of the better shows for frames…but a really good one to see what’s new and happening in the world of lenses.

Sept. 29-Oct. 2nd Nate will be meeting Stan & Linda in Paris, France for Silmo. This is where the trend setting will be done for the Fall and Winter! Paris is always on the edge of what’s happening for frame styles. This is where we can scout out a lot of companies that we would not otherwise have access to, due to the fact a great number of them have no presence here in the States.

We’ll keep you posted on the findings!