Customers around the Shop: Sena D.’s 2 Striking Looks

Sena had so many great options for a new pair of glasses she went with two!   We are impressed with how well each pair complements her face and coordinates with her style! 
The red color peeking out from the backside of this black frame balances out the sharp detail of this shape; adding some softness to a strong look.

Conversely, the thin silhouette of Sena’s second pair is re-defined by a contrast of matte red and white, creating just the ideal amount of color highlighting. 

Customers around the Shop: Lydia S.

We thrive on people who have a vision of style that doesn’t compete to  conform, that strives to think outside of the box.  
This is one of the reasons we proudly carry the full collection from Roger Eye Designs– our favorite daring eyewear company from Holland.  

And Lydia is one of those very special customers who not only gets it, but successfully illustrates this bold expression of originality…
We invite you to challenge the norm as well!


Getting to Know your EOF Optician: Milli

DSC 6129

Optician: Milli

How Long with Eyes On Fremont:
 4 years!  Milli has been a licensed dispensing optician since April 2011. 

Her EOF “Specialty”: 
Milli actually came on board while still attending the Opticianry program at SCCC. She worked as our very first front end “greeter/host” for our busy shop days. She has a natural energy working with people partly due to her extensive background and years working in PR & Marketing for magazines. 

What defines Milli as a person: 
Milli identifies strongly with her Italian roots & a things that tend to define her culture:  Food, family, & fun! 

DSC 6249
Clockwise, L to R: Milli’s straw vacuum hat, Silver frame from MotherBaugh, Yin-yang silver necklace, family heirloom cooking spoon, “Milli” from Roger Eye Design, Vagrancy Designs sunglass, Rosetta Stone Italiano, “Welcome Giancarlo” sauce can from her 1st son’s baby shower.

She is currently planning another trip to Mexico with her family: her husband and two sons, who are her inspiration & livelihood. 
She describes her sons as “day & night” but both compliment one another & bring balance to her life, much like yin & yang.  
In addition to the family dynamic, she balances duty & work with fun– enjoying music concerts with her eldest son (they went to see Eminem & Rhianna just this fall!) & warm weather family vacations every year. 
 And, there’s no better way to appreciate your loved ones than with some well prepared home cooking: something she picked up from her mother (she still cooks her best dishes with her Ma’s spoon). 
Just a few of the reasons that Milli has one of the sunniest dispositions of our opticians at Eyes on Fremont.

Dante, Milli, Giancarlo, & Harry